Modern technology moves people away who, instead of meeting each other and talk to learn about each other from what every other person write about me on a social networking site. In the long one long term it makes people despite having many friends they become more and more lonely.
The system aims to change this approach, enabling a real meeting in real space and an interesting conversation with a real person on a topic of interest to the user.
Members the system by creating an account in the system and specifying it their interests, they will be able to search people about similar interests and arrange a real deal with them conversation – not via instant messenger – in a restaurant or cafe. primary the idea behind the emergence of the system is to defeat human loneliness caused by the increasing involvement of people in cyberspace. However, this is not meant to be a system of announcements matrimonial or erotic, which is why users before the meeting will only know about the interlocutor’s interests, without knowing his data like name, age or gender.
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